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Success at Resurgent

Regardless of their position, our people are ambitious and entrepreneurial, attracted to the fresh point-of-view of an evolving, growing company. They are personable and patient, naturally attracted to the collaborative nature of our company. They understand the balance needed to achieve success at work and harmony at home. We know that our greatest assets are our employees. Because of this we are dedicated to building connections to trainings, new technologies, resources and opportunities needed in order to ensure our employees’ success.

Led from Within

Our employees are more than our workforce. They lead the way in giving, learning, and leading. Resurgent is committed to providing an atmosphere where people can thrive and make a difference. We truly are ‘Building Bridges. Moving Ahead’ in all we do. We network to find talented individuals who are passionate about working towards goals as a team.

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One of the aspects I love most about Resurgent is that we value supporting our communities. For me, it is vital to be a part of something bigger than just my "job." As a newer employee, being active in our Community Action Committee has been a wonderful way for me to get to know my co-workers in a fun setting outside the office and make a positive impact!"

– Brittney, Cincinnati Office

Building Connections

Resurgent employees have demonstrated repeatedly that their compassion and desire to be a positive force is not limited to the people they assist or professional relationships they cultivate. They give and participate generously in multiple community service programs including United Way, March of Dimes, Habitat for Humanity, Hands On Network, Ronald McDonald House and many others.

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